A Golfer's Retreat in Southwest Minnesota

Clippings – July 2013

July 1, 2013 – July Clippings:

It seems that summer has finally arrived and the golf course has been busy with activity. We have been having some issues with some of the greens and we are working to get those resolved. I have been working with Dr. Barb Corwin from Missouri to try and figure out just what we have going on, especially on #5 and 18. I sent her some turf plugs and she could not come out with a definite disease but has found some things that we tried to treat and it seems that we didn’t have great luck, so I sent her more plugs and she is going to see if she can incubate them and get something to show. We are thinking it is a mix of blue green algae and a soil borne pathogen that is attacking the roots, I sprayed a chemical July 1 and we are hoping to see some results. With all the snowfall that we had and the rains and not getting a chance to aerify because of the short spring that we had the soils have become somewhat hydrophobic “won’t take the water in past the surface”. We are trying verticutting and some aerifing to open up the surface and get water to move past the thatch layer, we are also going to be using a wetting agent to help stabilize the soil and hopefully help it to better hold water. If I get any results from Dr. Corwin I will share the report with anyone who may want to see what we have found, let me know if you are interested in that. All other things on the course are going good, we are about done edging the bunkers, next we will be spraying the bunker edges with Roundup to get rid of the straggler weeds.

I would like to thank the Kruger family for the generous donation of the flowers and shrubs for the front entrance and also the flowers around the tree by the clubhouse. If anyone in interested in doing some planting I have a few areas that we could do, stop by and see me and we could discuss this.


Until next month,

Terry Negen, Superintendent