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Clippings – June 2014

Clippings – June 2014

June 3, 2014

It seems as if the weather is finally ready for a change and with it we are seeing a growth of grass also known as the “spring flush”. We are in a battle of growth, with the perfect conditions the last 2-3 weeks are trying to stay on top of the maintenance. The reasons for the excessive growth are the consistent temperatures especially at night and soil temps that have increased rapidly. We are 3 weeks behind normal weather. On top of that, we’ve been set back further by a few days of rain; thus we are a behind, especially on the rough.

This excessive growth is one reason for the slow green speeds. By midafternoon the greens are growing rapidly. We would have to go out at noon and mow again which is just not possible. The conditions also hadn’t allowed us to get the greens verticut. We were able to finally get this done on Monday June 2. The verticutting should help the green speed. So, now that the weather has improved, the rain subsided, the greens verticut and our summer staff come on board – we should be now be able to start rolling the greens.

We are in the process of completing some projects on the golf course. We’ve brought in some sod so that we can resod/repair many of our greens. The primary target for this new sod will be the west half of #5 green. In addition to that, we are also touching up several other bad spots of other greens. In addition to the resodding of #5, we are also going to trench cut around the green to get rid of the tree roots that appear to be absorbing the moisture out of the green. After a recent 2 inch rain, the #5 green should have had good moisture, but our measurement showed that the moisture content was less than 8 percent, well below normal. We also need to do some irrigation work around that green to get the proper pressure at the heads for improved watering.

We are also doing some bunker improvements throughout our course. In particular, we filled the front half of #10, the pot bunkers on #15, and will be filling in the back bunker on #3.

There have been some questions about the fairways and the bare spots and trenches that seem to be showing up. Upon further investigation, it appears that the old water lines have settled which is causing this. We are going to be verticutting the fairways so that we promote lateral growth and to get the bentgrass to fill into these areas.

If anyone ever has a question, concern, or just needs some answers to why we do things the way we do, please feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to discuss the matter with you.

Until next month,


Terry Negen, Superintendent