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Clippings – October 2014

Clippings – October 2014

October 2, 2014

With fall in the air, we have started some projects that we need to get done. The first thing that we did was we closed #5 green, we then aerified it 2 times, seeded it and then put a heavy layer of sand on the green. We then put the covers on it and will leave it for the rest of the golf season. I will post some pictures next week when we pull the covers off and fertilize the green again. Hopefully we can get that green to fill in like #18 did last year.

The second big project that we did was to tile #11 and #18 so that we hopefully don’t have to close the golf course after heavy rains or get open earlier in the spring. We found that there was an existing tile going across #11 and we put an intake in and joined the tile there and went to the low spot in #18 fairway. We will leave the dirt raised up to settle over the winter and seed it in the spring. Please do not attempt to cross the dirt with carts and retrieve your ball off with a retriever if possible.

We have started the aerification of tees and will finish them next week and then proceed with the fairways, when we start on the fairways try to avoid driving on the fairways that have been aerified to prevent the mud trails, keep the carts in the rough as much as possible. The greens will hopefully be verticut one more time next week to allow some grass some time to spread out before winter.

After looking at some tree issues that we have we have decided to remove the poplar tree to right of ladies #14 tee, I have noticed that we may have a willow tree that is near death on #3 but we will watch it and see if there is any life left in it. If not we may remove it also. I am going to do some tree trimming and lifting when the ground starts to freeze and get some of the hangers out of the trees that we can reach.

Overall, I feel that we had a good year to grow turf and very little disease pressure hopefully Mother Nature will be good to us this winter and have a golf course that comes through the winter ready for play. Have a good fall and enjoy the great weather.

Until next issue,

Terry Negen, Superintendent