A Golfer's Retreat in Southwest Minnesota

Clippings – September 2015

Clippings – September 2015

September 17, 2015

What a wonderful fall it is turning out to be, leaves are starting to fall and change and the temperatures are in our favor right now! There is not better scenario to come and play golf!

The Grounds Crew has been busy getting things done on the course, greens aerification went smoothly with very little problems. As some have noticed, we had a few greens that had very shallow roots and this caused the turf to lift when aerified, we are going to be seeding and resodding these areas after the SMSU Mustang Women’s Invite (Sept 26). We are hoping that with the aerification, these areas will now have a channel to send roots down so that we do not run into this problem in the future. Aerification of the tee boxes and fairways will also start at that time. We will be pulling plugs on both tees and fairways so you may encounter some muddy lies until these cores break down. Over all the condition of the course is great, fairways have filled in nicely and we managed to keep the tee boxes in excellent shape this year. You may notice that in the future that some areas of the golf course will not be manicured daily, as we are scaling back the labor to try and reduce some expense.

This past week we removed the 2 pine trees that were adjacent to the 6th tee, one tree was dying and the USGA previously recommended that these both be removed for improved playablity. Special thanks to Tom Mclaughlin, Tom Ellingson, Dave Drown, Brian Gruhot, John Seeman and Mike Buysse for their help and the use of their equipment. We are going to have some more trees to remove but will that work will occur later this fall and winter.

As some may have noticed we stripped the sod the right of 14 tee to make a bentgrass sod nursery, we got the area tilled and seeded this week. Please take caution to stay out this area so that the seedlings have a chance to germinate. This will be beneficial in the coming years so that we have an area to take sod plugs in the event that we need them to do repairs to greens, tees, or fairways.

There has been some discussion about the possibility of getting some larger cups and trying to have FootGolf. FootGolf is played using a soccer ball that is kicked from the tees to a 21” cup placed in the rough away from the present green. It is played and scored similarly to golf. There is a growing trend on golf courses to generate some extra revenue with the addition of FootGolf. Normal golf and FootGolf have can successfully co-exist – pace of play, wear-and-tear, etc. We would look at setting tee times for a set time on one 9 for the FootGolf traffic to play. I am hoping that we get some younger families and the school/college aged kids to come and try it. If anyone has any questions about the sport I would be happy to try and answer them.

I hope that everyone gets the chance to enjoy some fall golf before we get sent indoors and have to dream of green grass, good company and another season of golf.

Happy Golfing!

Terry Negen, Superintendent