A Golfer's Retreat in Southwest Minnesota

Course Rules

Golf is a fun, yet challenging pastime!  The Marshall Golf Club offers a refreshing and inviting atmosphere for all players – including families & youth!  The following course & play guidelines are designed to help provide enjoyment to all players.  You can search for available tee times and book online with Marshall Golf Club!

Membership & Starting:

  • Marshall Golf Club is a semi-private course.  To play golf at MGC, you must be an active Membership holder or a non-Marshall resident (via green fees).  Marshall residents (non-members) may golf along a Member under the “Member Benefit program” and may golf on special “Guest  Days”, scheduled tournaments and organized outings through the Club.
  • All players must register in the Pro Shop prior to play.
  • #1 is the starting tee unless  permission is given by the Pro Shop to tee off at another location.

Dress Code:

  • Men’s Dress Code: Shirts must be worn at all times.  Going without a shirt or wearing a tank top will not be allowed at MGC at any time.  Shirts with sleeves required.
  • Ladies Dress Code: No tank tops – collar or sleeves required.  Acceptable wear for ladies includes sleeveless shirts, blouses and knits with high necklines.

Cart Usage:

  • Keep cart at least 30 feet from tees and greens
  • Drive cart in rough and cross fairways at 90 degrees only
  • Only 3 carts maximum per group (fivesomes).  Join up in accordance with the number of players in the group.
  • Stay out of roped or wet areas with your cart

Course Info:

  • USGA rules apply except when modified by local rules
  • White stakes define out of bounds, penalty is stroke and distance
  • Yellow stakes /lines define water hazards.  Red stakes/lines define lateral hazards.
  • Questions regarding the rules of a particular situation, play provisional ball and submit your questions to the Golf Professional or the Rules Committee.

Pace of Play:

  • Remember golf etiquette; be aware of other players on the course, especially those behind you, let faster players through.
  • Everyone must have a set of clubs.
  • Monitor speed of play—Par 5 = 15 minutes>>Par 4 = 12 minutes>>Par 3 = 8 minutes>>no more than 2 hours per nine, please.
  • Singles and twosomes may play with permission of the Pro Shop.  MGC staff has the sole right to join singles and twosomes into threesomes or foursomes.  Fivesomes are allowed if they are riding and keep up with the flow of play.
  • Tee time reservations can be made by contacting the Pro Shop at 507-537-1622 or booked online.  Typically tee times are allowed no more than one week in advance. For example Wednesday for a Wednesday.
  • Unless an adult accompanies them, all Juniors under 12 years of age are required to complete the Junior Golf Program.  Juniors will receive permission from the Golf Professional after the Junior Program has been completed if that Junior has proper etiquette and golf knowledge to s safety and their learning the game of golf properly.

Scores & Handicaps:

  • All golfers who have paid their handicap fee are responsible for turning in their score card to the Pro Shop or post their own score online with an active GHIN.
  • MGC offers Handicapping services – please contact Pro Shop for details.
  • Pro Shop Committee oversees handicap/scoring issues.

Food & Beverage:

  • The MGC Bar & Grill is open to the public, except on Tuesday & Thursday evenings.
  • Banquets & events are open to the public – you do NOT need to be a Member to book a banquet, wedding or other event at MGC.
  • No outside food and beverages are allowed on the grounds of Marshall Golf Club.


Search & book a tee time online.

For questions, please contact the Pro Shop at: 507-537-1622