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Clippings – August 2013

August 1, 2013 – August Clippings:

Terry Negen | MGC Course SuperintendentWe have gotten a report back from Dr. Barb Corwin from Missouri on the issues MGC is experiencing with a few of our greens.  In simple terms, Dr. Corwin has stated that we have ‘snow scald’ that occurred when the soil temperatures were not adequate when the winter snow mold protection was put down.  She stated that when the disease overwintered in the soil attacking the roots of the plant and when the plants had any stress on them they died out. With the few hot days we experienced in early June, we problem subsided.  Thus, we thought that we had an isolated dry spot.  Unfortunately, all along, we had root decline from the snow scald and the plant was not able to take up adequate moisture for the plant to survive.

As a result, we are now moving onto the recovery process of which we are going to be trying many things to get these greens back without having to sod these areas.

The first recovery steps we implemented were to remove the thatch layer with rakes and then bring in new seed mixture.  We then seeded the area but that was about the time that we had the week of hot temps and the seed dampened off with the humidity.

We are now going to go in and chemically treat the areas to break up the hard algae layer that we have and hopefully this will give the seed a good seed bed to grow in.  We will also be doing some verticutting to promote lateral growth and to get rid of more of the thatch.  Along with this we are going to be doing some topdressing.

On or around August 19 we are going to be aerating the greens with a ¾” plug and removing the soil from the green and back filling with sand to try and change some of  the greens soil structure over the next years.

It has been a challenge and I am grateful that the membership has understood what we have going on and what we need to do to fix the problem. I am thinking that if we can get on a good aeration schedule we can eliminate these problems in the years to come.  We will also be doing a split application for winter to try and attack this in the soil and get rid of the pathogen.

If anyone has questions feel free to stop out and I will try to answer them the best that I can. You can read the full report from Dr. Corwin to see what she had to say also.


Until next month,

Terry Negen, Superintendent