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Clippings – August 2014

Clippings – August 2014

August 13, 2014

What a fantastic, tournament-filled July at MGC! I would like to thank the Grounds Staff for their hard work preparing and maintaining the course! We have had some outstanding weather for taking care of a golf course, great temperatures, and a little rain (better than June) along with lower than normal nighttime temperatures that made it better for growing grass.

In August we are going to start aerification of our greens. In fact, we are going to try something a little different this year. On August 19, we will be closing the front 9 and aerifying those holes. Then on August 25, we will close the back 9 and aerifiy those holes. This will allow leagues to have 9 ‘normal’ greens while allowing time for the other 9 to heal. The process for aerification will be to pull plugs ¾” by 5” deep and then fill with sand. We are going to be doing some overseeding and when that is done we will roll them smooth and fertilize.

We did some bunker work in July, and I think that we are headed in the right direction to get our bunkers more playable with improved aesthetics. We have added some sand in several bunkers and have reallocated sand around in others to improve the depth and consistency. The old bunkers that we filled in are coming along as well. We are hoping to complete the leveling work on the bunker behind #3 green during the week of August 18 and seeded thereafter. Another project that we will be starting this month is creating a sod farm. This will be located to the right of #14 tee, where we are going to strip the sod off that area and make a bentgrass nursery so that we have an area to take bentgrass plugs from in the event that we need them in the future. With this area I am hoping to get the driving range green back into play so that people have a better area to practice. The #5 green is starting to take shape again, I think we may have been a little too fast to mow it to the height that we were, and so we have let it grow a little longer and are allowing the bentgrass to creep into the areas that are thin. We may look into letting that green be a little longer this fall as well and just rolling the green to allow the seed better time to germinate and take hold. Depending on the #5 green recovery, we may need to consider closing the green this fall.

I am glad to see that the tournaments are starting to get more participation, watching the players in the Member-Guest was quite fun and had many great comments about the course and the staff at the golf course! Hopefully we can keep this tradition going and fill them all up this way. By the way, keep a look out for a “Big Cup” (8” cup) event later this fall with some twists and turns; I am hoping to have a Superintendents’ Revenge event, where one never knows what may turn up on the golf course… stay tuned.

Until next issue,

Terry Negen, Superintendent