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Clippings – June 23 2014

Clippings – June 2014

June 23, 2014

Oh where to start, Mother Nature has not been very kind to the golf course in the month of June. I am sure everyone is sick of the rain and the golf course being closed but with the ground being as saturated as it is, it is hard to make the decisions as if to open the course or keep it closed. When approached with the situation of closing we often look at the long term effects that are possible. We surely don’t want to have ruts and the mud smears are unsightly so therefore we are often better off waiting a day and letting the water soak in than to run the course and risk the damage.  We are experiencing areas that start to dry up and then the next storm moves in and the area gets soaked again. The tiles that are on the golf course only work well when the river is a level that allows the tile to empty otherwise we seem to be getting water that backs up through the tile lines. So it is kind of a waiting game until the river drops, we are at the mercy of it.  The rain is making maintenance on the course very hard also, the rough is getting long, the fairways have to be mowed around wet areas, and the greens are extremely soft so we have had to pick and choose when to mow them also. With the greens being so soft it is important to fix all ball marks, I have been seeing a great number of unfixed ball marks and these hurt the greens because the take longer to recover if they are not fixed immediately. The staff of the golf course wants the course to open just as bad as the members so please be considerate of them when we make the decision to close the course or not to allow carts.

There have been many questions lately about why we are painting the greens, this is not a paint but a dye the chemical companies are adding to help the plant with photosynthesis. It is called a Stress Guard and most of the companies are now doing it so it is getting more common, the dye comes off with soap and water.  It is another added benefit of our spray program that we must get used to seeing.

The area on #5 green that was sodded seems to be rooting and we have started mowing it, if we can get some dry weather we will aerify and top-dress this so that we can get it leveled and hopefully have it playable in the very near future. There are a few other areas that we sodded that we are having some trouble getting them to root so we are plugging them and seeding right into the sod to give it a good seed bed to grow in. We are still in the process of getting the bunkers that we filled in seeded but every time we go to seed we get that dreaded rain and have to wait to get the dirt dried out enough to rake the seed in. Let’s hope that we can get some drying weather the next couple weeks so that we can get the course back to playable without having to trudge through standing water.

Until next month,


Terry Negen, Superintendent