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Clippings – May 2015

Clippings – May 2015

May 19, 2015

Here’s hoping that you have gotten out to enjoy the golf course this spring, we are already in full swing on the grounds crew. We have a great staff this year working that includes, Dick Labat, Bill Larson, Phil Mhyreburg,  Jim Jandl, Brent Haukom, Matt Campion, Alex Buysse, Matt Bennett, and Grant Greenfield. Thank these guys if you see them on the course, they put in countless hours to make Marshall Golf Club what it is. With that being said we are trying a new program this year with the flower and landscape areas on the course, individuals are encouraged to Adopt- A-Hole and make them look beautiful. If you have any questions about this program I would be willing to talk them over with you and get you a hole to adopt.

In the next couple weeks we are going to be busy on the golf course trying to get some of the small projects done. We have already taken out the bushes on #1 tees and seeded these areas. We are going to be seeding #18 and #11 fairways, doing some small tine aerification on the greens to help them vent along with verticutting to help promote lateral growth. Some of the tees and fairways have areas of winter kill that we will be overseeding to help reestablish these areas. Bunker work will be top priority in the coming weeks so that we have clean edges, we will work on pushing the sand back up on the faces of the bunkers also. Dandelions and other weeds will be sprayed but with the cool temperatures that we have had it is hard to get the plant to take up the herbicide to effectively do its job.

The grounds crew would like to remind members and there guest that the golf carts need to stay on the paths as much as possible, we have staked off some areas that we would like to keep the carts out of.  Divots on the tees and fairways should also be filled along with repairing ball marks. 

Happy Golfing!

Terry Negen, Superintendent